Our goal in any partnership is to have a mutually fair and lasting relationship. We have an Partner and Affiliate program. We now that not every streamer or content creator has a huge audiance, but thats fine by u. We keep our program open to anyone who wants to join the Boom Energy team (Xplosive team), enjoy our delicious energy drink and promote a great community and business. We as Boom Energy appreciate every application and will therefore carefully consider whether it suits us. Below you can read what we expect from you and what you can expect from us. You can register for our program using the form below.

What can you expect from us?

✔ 2 samples to try if it's for you.
✔ 10% discount code for your community
✔ Get special discount on your orders! (for yourself only)
✔ Use of our logo and branding

What do we expect from you?

✔ At least 2 posts per month on your social media channel.
✔ Keep doing your best and involved with Boom Energy to become a Partner.
✔ Follow the guidelines for setting up your stream
✔ 18 years and older
✔ Create your own and new content


In order to obtain partner status from Boom Energy, you must be committed to our company during the 90-day period. After the 90 days, we will determine whether you are suitable as a partner for Boom Energy.

What do you get as a partner?

✔ 10% commission per product sold
✔ Boom Energy supply (for yourself only)
✔ Boom Energy T-shirt or hoodie
✔ 10% discount for your community
✔ Participate in partner discord with events and tournaments



✔ Logo in your stream overlay
✔ !BoomEnergy chat command with information and link to website
✔ Automated chatbot message with informationy
✔ Live at least 3 times a week


✔ Logo or products visible in video
✔ Upload at least once a week
✔ Own content


✔ Name logo or Boom Energy in video/post
✔ Upload at least 2 times a week
✔ Own content

Join our team

Fill in your details and we will schedule an appointment to discuss the possibilities. Together we have to find the right match for a perfect collaboration.