Boom Energy is a powder-based energy drink. We have our product in 2 delicious flavors. Raspberry & BlackcurrantTropical. We finally created a delicious flavor with real focus and energy. Without sugar, the crash afterwards and packed with vitamins and minerals.

Boom Energy gives you the necessary focus and energy to improve your performance. Boom Energy contains no sugars, so you will not have a sugar crash afterwards.

Are you a casual gamer, professional e-athlete or just someone who needs energy during the day? Then Boom Energy is the solution for you!

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose, 1 serving per day (1 scoop).

You can mix it with water, sparkling water or milk. Personally, we recommend water. You can easily shake that. Use your sparkling water, don't shake, just stir!

Why not? Try it out and let us know.

Before exercising you can be sure that you use Boom Energy, you also need the necessary energy during exercise and our products provide that.

Yes and no. Is Boom Energy a product for (pre) sports (workout), yes, certainly. But the well-known pre-workouts that are used contain other substances that provide your muscles with more oxygen, which means you can do strength training for longer and get a pump in your muscles. These substances are not contained in Boom Energy.

We cannot say in advance whether you are allergic to it. We recommend that you consult with your doctor whether it is safe to use Boom Energy.

There are no government or regulatory restrictions on the sale of caffeinated beverages. We recommend not to drink caffeinated products before the age of 16. Take good care of your growing body.


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