1 liter drinking bottle

Boom Energy

1 liter drinking bottle

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Refillable 1000 ML drinking bottles from Boom Energy are for everyone (for adults and children) and can be used everywhere, always have water with you: during sports, at work, in the office, during outdoor activities, backpacking, on the road in the car or just at home.

Highest quality
Made of very sturdy material "Tritan plastic" which gives a high quality and contains no harmful BPA (and no plastic taste to the water). The twist cap seals the bottle well every time and leaks freely. The closing mechanism is strong and will last a very long time. Are you looking for a very good quality water bottle or sports bottle that you can enjoy for a long time? Then this refillable drinking bottle is the solution, it can hold a lot of water so you don't have to refill it often. This large-sized bottle is the ideal drinking bottle for any activity!

Cleaning the drinking bottle
We recommend washing/rinsing the bottle by hand so that the bottle lasts longer and stays beautiful.

Can be used with 1 hand
Unique easy-to-open leak-proof sports cap. The drinking bottle fits well in the hand. This drinking bottle can be operated with 1 hand, open and close the water bottle with 1 hand to quickly drink something during exercise, for example. The Boom Energy drinking bottle has a wrist strap for easy carrying or hanging.